OMG! Where is security at?  What good would it do though because mall security would be know where to be found (as usual; nothing new). Seriously though at first I thought she was on drugs because who dances by the Cricket stand? That’s right nobody!  Have to give the the entertainers credit though that was a good and creative flash mob.


OMG! I’m talking @$$, @$$, @$$, @$$, @$$!

OMG! How did she get all that @$$ into those…..boxers?

OMG! Who would of ever thought leggings and boxers would make an outfit.

OMG! Is that a Hell’s Angel’s inside the mall? Or a drug mule for the cartel?

OMG! Is that a Hell’s Angel member riding his motorcycle bike inside the mall? Is it a drug mule for the Mexican cartel with hundreds of pounds of coke stashed in that bike? I wish and probably the parents do too because it has to be a B!^<% to load then unload that bike from their Chevy Astro van or Honda Civic just so young Paco won’t cry when he doesn’t get his toy or McDonalds happy meal. Yes those answers are stereotypical and maybe RACEST but I could be right.

OMG! Sale is so good it makes me want to have a seizure

OMG! This guy obviously saw the sale going on at Express on their shirts (it is seizure worthy)! His friend (the girl with her crack showing) needs to go to Victoria’s Secret and see if they have killed a full grown adult leopard yet because that is the only material that can cover that backside. I think I will just walk by and look. F#<* trying to help.

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